Research is the key focus at Solarillion Foundation. Students pursue research in their areas of interest, and regularly publish their work at reputed international conferences.

Research Areas

Machine Learning

The ML Team aims focuses on solving data-driven problems in the real-world, industrial and research scenarios. They often handle large amounts of data and have also worked on optimised intelligence algorithms.

The team has previously worked on Stress Detection, Activity Recognition and Movie Lifetime Prediction. Current research is focused on Adversarial Attacks and Behavioural Data Science.

IoT and Embedded Systems

The IoT and Embedded Systems Team works on building smart devices and assistive tech. They focus on optimised system design and algorithms, and have also used efficient ML models on real-time sensor data.

Previously, they have worked on Gesture Recognition Gloves and problems in the domain of Healthcare. Currently, the team is working on Motor Imagery Classification.


The Microgrids Team works on providing low-cost electrification solutions using renewable energy for rural Indian microgrids. Their work mainly involves development of optimisation algorithms to enhance the performance and economic viability of existing smart grids.

They have previously done extensive research on islanded rural microgrids. Currently they are working on the clustering of such microgrids.