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Research is the key focus at Solarillion Foundation. Students pursue research in their areas of interest, and regularly publish their work at reputed interna...


Admissions And Open House

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We are now accepting applications for the Undergraduate Research Assistantship Program. Do fill out our application form if you are interested. We are also p...

Stress And Affect Detection Paper Acceptance

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Our paper titled Scalable Deep Learning for Stress and Affect Detection on Resource-Constrained Devices has been accepted to IEEE ICMLA 2019. Nanda will be p...

Food Prediction Paper Acceptance

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Our paper Forecasting Food Sales in a Multiplex Using Dynamic Artificial Neural Networks will be presented at the Computer Vision Conference, 2019. It will b...

Sundar Internship

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Congrats to Sundararaman on securing an internship at Goldman Sachs!

Load Monitoring Paper Presentation

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Our paper Current Peak based Device Classification for NILM on a Low-Cost Embedded Platform using Extra-Trees was presented at MIT URTC 2017.

Paper Acceptance 2018

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Our papers A Generic Multi-modal Dynamic Gesture Recognition System using Machine Learning and Design Optimization of Activity Recognition System on an Emb...